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MLP: Twilight Sparkle VS Trixie by M.A. Larson
It was a cold day in Canterlot.
I suck at writing summaries. Bsides the 'fic isn't that long!
Twilight Sparkle was sitting behind her tv. She felt the tears well up in her eyes . After their last adventure, Twilight Sparkle found out just exactly how cruel people could be. How mean and inconsiderate real humans actually were. Twilight Sparkle stared at a picture of a leopard. A magnificent beast who would not hesitate to kill her ripping him limb from limb, but at least it would be quick. Not a overlong conspiracy of many years, just to be unleashed on her when she was at her weakest and darkest moment. When she needed her friends the most.
But there had been one lone ray of light in this whole ordeal. Twilight Sparkle remembered fondly the day she discovered it. It was a tuesday morning she rememberanced. The memories surfaced before her mind's eye and took the most wonderful shapes. Before Twilight Sparkle well knew it, a single tear welled up in her eyes and trickled down h
:iconhypershadow55:HyperShadow55 2 0
Mature content
Death of an Old Age :iconhypershadow55:HyperShadow55 0 3
Mature content
Haunted by Mortality ~ Prologue :iconhypershadow55:HyperShadow55 2 1
STOP SOPA! by HyperShadow55 STOP SOPA! :iconhypershadow55:HyperShadow55 2 9
Taking Back Heaven
It had been long since Lucifer stepped foot on Heaven's golden streets. He once dwelled here; enjoying the rich necture that flowed through it's heart. God threw Lucifer from the paradise for treason against him. Now, fate had reversed; it is God who now has been casted out of serenity.
Even the son of God was removed from his place. Jesus laid battered in pain, and with a swift blow, massacred upon the ground. The archangels themselves, defeated only in a matter of seconds. This long awaited triumph came from a fruitless resistance.
Is all this violence worth the end result? Yes, the root of all evil is now destroyed. With nothing standing in their way, Lucifer proudly reclaimed his throne; and celebreated the fall of God.
:iconhypershadow55:HyperShadow55 1 0
Streak and Alex: First Glance by HyperShadow55 Streak and Alex: First Glance :iconhypershadow55:HyperShadow55 10 4 Streak The Elastic Hedgehog by HyperShadow55 Streak The Elastic Hedgehog :iconhypershadow55:HyperShadow55 11 41
Mature content
The Unholy Sacrament :iconhypershadow55:HyperShadow55 0 3
Mature content
Scars of Society :iconhypershadow55:HyperShadow55 1 7
War, like it or not, has always been the scar of humanity. Our great civilian population back home views the war like an honorable quest to defend our freedom. Sadly our soldiers feel the same, until the grim reality of war shakes them. They venture into the abyss, and come out heroes. There are tragic instences where a soldier is killed. Not by the enemy, not by accident, but by his own brothers.
It was the year 2009, the war against terrorism in Afghanistan was in full swing. A platoon of 10 soldiers travelled in the back of an ol' Deuce and a Half. Night scattered across the desert plains. A feeling of uncertainity came across every soldiers face. To be honest, they all appeared the same. One noticeable difference was their SAW Gunner. This soldier in particular had other emotions conflicting within himself. Very proud emotions without a doubt.
The truck came to a screeching hault. "Dismount!" Yelled their Sergeant. Without hesistation they soared out of the back. Each kneeled down,
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Mature content
The Ritual :iconhypershadow55:HyperShadow55 1 0
Metal Gear Chaos: Chapter 3
Silver laid there like a useless doll. The neurotoxin from the dart affected his bloodstream. Still breathing, just unconscious. Snake looked back over her shoulder one more time. Just to make sure the neurotoxin was fully in his nervous system.
Snake did not have a choice but to injure him. Sure he could have found some other way to handle the situation, he could have killed the kid. But, that's not Snake's style. Snake wasn't that kind of guy to kill someone that young.
With the moon still high in the sky. Snake knew the night was still young. He had to keep searching for the blue hedgehog. It was a matter of life or death. Without the seven chaos emeralds. All hope will be lost. The terrible thoughts about his universe in shambles, haunted his mind.
"I can't let everyone down." Snake said to himself. "Especially Otacon."
Snake sat down on the dirt path. He got a pack of cigarettes from his harness pouch. In that same pouch he took out a lighter. He flicked his thumb on the flint. Th
:iconhypershadow55:HyperShadow55 1 8
Memories of Friends
Time seems to go by so swiftly
All the friends you meet when we are young
All the faces
But as I travel down the road to adulthood
I will remember all those who changed my life
Those who gave me the courage to keep on going
Those who loved and cared for me
You know who you are.
Miss them all I will
There is one place where they will always be
And that place
Is in my own heart.
:iconhypershadow55:HyperShadow55 0 0
Metal Gear Chaos Chapter 2
Snake traveled thought the streets and headed for the outskirts of town. He examined the scene we he got there. "You've got to be kidding me." Snake muttered to himself, as he saw a blockade leading to the forest. Snake looked from some cover to hide behind. He saw a transport truck with a red, white, and blue logo on it that had the letter "G". Snake reached behind him and pulled out his binoculars and zoomed into and took a good lock up ahead.
He spotted three men surrounding a military vehicle. The men were wearing black uniforms and were armed with assault rifles. "Who are these guys?" Snake thought. He moved it around and surveyed other parts of the scene. Snake noticed a black hedgehog with read highlights standing next to another man in uniform. Only this man didn't look like a soldier, but an officer. "A black hedgehog and an officer, this is no terrorist organization." Snake thought.
The officer appeared to talking to the black hedgehog. Snake couldn't hear what he was saying
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Metal Gear Chaos Chapter 1
"The world is in shambles Snake, there is another hope though." "Find the seven Chaos Emeralds and every thing can be restored."  A voice said inside his brain. Those were the words of Otacon before Solid Snake stepped into the machine that transported him from his war-torn world to the world of what Otacon recalled as so-called Hope.
As Snake looked down at his Beretta M92FS he thought about these words as he stood upon a hill above the town of Solenna. "What if I can't find them?" Snake questioned himself. He held the gun in between his hands and rested the barrel between his eyes and he closed them. "I can't let Otacon down, I can't let the world down." Snake stood up and headed into downtown Solenna. He ran down a dirt road and with a slight of hand flicked the switch of a electronic device on his right side of his torso and with a jolt of electricity engulfing his body he vanished. He had activated an invention of the military's called Stealth Camo.
Night had already beg
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Most Interesting Man Yugi-oh by HyperShadow55 Most Interesting Man Yugi-oh :iconhypershadow55:HyperShadow55 21 8


Dane Walters
United Kingdom
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Personal Quote: "Fuck 'em!"


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